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Sep. 12th, 2009

red, hair

Mamasakio Handcrafted Jewellery, please read :)

Now, this is a really important post for me so I'm hoping plenty of people read this! :D

I have discovered that a wonderful lady I know called Shirley, a London based artisan, makes and sells beautiful handcrafted jewellery - after seeing her work myself I cannot articulate enough how wonderful it is..

Shirleys work is simple yet so stunning, and you can see the time, care and thoughtfulness that has gone in to each and every creation.

Shirleys jewellery is made from a number of gorgeous materials; beads, semi precious gems and stones, clay and mother of pearl..

She uses colours and patterns in keeping with current and future seasons and trends, so you can match your new piece to your latest fashion finds!

Her pieces are of a high quality and finished to a standard that you would expect to pay a lot more for - her prices are ever so reasonable and she also offers free shipping no matter where you live!
You can't get any fairer than that :)

I also have to add that if you follow her blog which I will link you to below, you will get a 10% discount off your order..
If you become a fan on Facebook (again, links below), you will get an additional 10% off!

Mamasakio Blogger Website - Follow blog for your 10% discount

Mamasakio Etsy Shop

Mamasakio Zibbet Shop

Mamasakio Dawanda Shop

Mamasakio Facebook Page - Become a fan for 10% discount!

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to email Shiley at:


Thanks for your time, comments would be appreciated so I can give Shirley feedback :)

Much love and hugs, I will be posting a personal update within the next day or so

Dec. 28th, 2008

red, hair

>.< !!!

Never, EVER, talk to me about the birth of MY son as if I know nothing!!

I detest people who speak to others as if they are "high and mighty" and everyone else is below them..
I am more than aware that some people are a bit clueless about childbirth and try to keep up with all the latest trends in the hope that they'll blend in, but I am NOT one of those people, and who the heck are you to imply that I don't deserve the chance to be taken seriously WITHOUT all of your patronising questions?!


Okay, sorry.
I'm done :[

Dec. 17th, 2008

red, hair


nooooCollapse )

Dec. 16th, 2008

red, hair

Blood test results..

So my blood test results for glucose, iron and antibody levels just came in and my midwife called me..


Soooo relieved I can't even tell you..

I just allowed myself my first cup of apple squash in quite some time in an act of pure celebration O_o
I have been so strict on myself, it was stupid.
Baby boy is doing a little dance and making my belly move all over the place right now as I type, aww <3

At least now I can just focus on on this baby and the appointments I have coming up in January.

Oy, some happy times at last!

Dec. 12th, 2008

red, hair

Yet another post from me!

This is going under a cut, purely cos I don't know how long I am going to waffle on for, and because it's not the cheeriest of posts..
Here we go..Collapse )

Dec. 11th, 2008

red, hair

I did it!

I managed to find my outfit for Ste's graduation dinner at my LOCAL shopping centre :D
No massive trek in to the city - yay!

One part is maternity, the other isn't - woohoo!

I already had the shoes I needed, so I just bought a little handbag to go with it all, and some make up as well <3

Gosh I am so excited - I have to admit, I love this outfit.
It's simple, but really pretty still.

I showed it to my Mum and she says I look like a princess, haha!
I just hope my Hubby likes it that much too.

I also managed to pick Ste up a little something to say well done on his graduation - I obviously can't post pics of anything yet cos he might take a peek!

But I will be sure to post pics over the weekend :D



Dec. 10th, 2008

red, hair


I'm going shopping for my very first full maternity outfit, and it's a formal one!

This Friday is Hubbys graduation, and since I can't go to the ceremony (he's only allowed to bring 2 guests - his parents), I really want to make an effort to look nice for the meal at the Hilton later in the evening.


Looking around at the maternity clothes I can actually afford..
Oh gosh - it is rather dire to say the least.
I refuse to spend hundreds of pounds on something I will probably wear maybe a few times at most - I just can't afford to splash the cash like that right now!

I wanted to wear a dress, but the ones I like, I know I will freeze in.
Also I have been told NOT to wear heels, cos I will tower over the Hubby, haha!


I was thinking black trousers (nice fitted ones I have seen which are bootleg cut and go under the bump) and a spangly top.
So this top..
I really am having trouble finding one!
I might go check out Topshop tomorrow.
Surely they'll have something in their maternity collection?!


Then I already have the shoes I want to wear, which are these cute peeptoe purple ones with practically no heel (so Hubby won't have to worry!)..
I have heaps of pretty jewellery to pick from already, so that's sorted.
As for my hair, I don't know..
I'm getting it trimmed tonight and my layers neatened up so that's cool.
But as for the style I'll do it in.. Urgh..
Maybe fairly loose, and curl it loosely?
Then put a pretty hairclip or rose in.


I have always sucked at shopping for particular occasions, and it is made SO much harder by being pregnant and on a budget :[
Plus, I have to go alone tomorrow which I am dreading, as I have a really awful habit of getting lost.

Wish me luck?


Oct. 21st, 2008

red, hair

My baby boy..

is currently moshing about in my womb :]
he loves a bit of smashing pumpkins <3

Sep. 3rd, 2008

red, hair

I'm in Newport, Wales! :D

okay so this is going to be short and very basic, cos i'm using dodgy internet that's super slow and i really should be getting ready!
well we're staying in the hilton and it's been a wee bit dramatic - i will tell you guys all about it when i get home, but seriously - don't stay here! O_o
my belly seems to be getting rounder by the day and bubs has had lots of prods and pats from people <3
yesterday was a bit of a disaster, but today we've hired a car and we'll have it 'til we go home, so we can do a lot more now! :D
even though the weather is being rubbish and pouring rain on us, tsk.
we're going for a drive through the mountains today, then having a nice family meal later.
i can't believe time is going so fast - we're going home on friday, boo!
it will seem strange being back in london again, i'm getting used to wales now.
i've never stayed here before, so i'm glad that i've had the chance to see where stephens dads side of the family is from, and to hear lots of lush welsh accents :D !!
i hope that we can bring bubs here one day and spend some time getting to know the place better :]
anyway, that's all for now.
i will update properly on friday!!
hugs and cupcakes

Aug. 29th, 2008

red, hair

random things.. and stuff I forgot to mention before! :)

pics and talk..Collapse )

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